What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

An EAP is a program offered to all George County Schools employees to provide guidance with personal issues, planning for life events, or simply managing daily life which can affect your work, health, and family.

Plan Rules: 

Contact Campus Benefits for assistance with claims.

Email: mybenefits@campusbenefits.com

Call 1-866-433-7661, option 5

Confidential Counseling: 

  • Helps employees address stress, relationships, and other personal issues for you and your family. 

  • Sessions with highly trained master's and doctoral level clinicians 

  • Receive 3 sessions per issue per year for:

    • stress, anxiety, and depression​

    • relationship/marital conflicts 

    • problems with children 

    • job pressures

    • grief and loss

    • substance abuse 

Financial Information and Resources:

  • Speak by phone with Certified Public Accounts and Certified Financial Planners on a wide range of financial issues, including:

    • getting out of debt​

    • credit card or loan problems 

    • tax questions

    • retirement planning 

    • estate planning 

    • saving for college 

Work-Life Solutions:

  • Work-Life specialists will do the research for you, providing qualified referrals and customized resources for:

    • child and eldercare

    • moving and relocation 

    • making major purchases 

    • college planning 

    • pet care

    • home repair 

Phone: 866-433-7661

Fax: 770-394-0333

The Stephens County Benefit Portal is provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual benefits, services, premiums, claims processes and all other features and plan designs for coverage offered are governed exclusively by the provider contract and associated Summary Plan Description (SPD).