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What is Hospital Care/Indemnity Coverage?

Supplemental coverage that helps offset costs associated with hospital stays, whether for planned or unplanned reasons. Payments made directly to you and benefits do not offset with medical insurance.

Plan Rules:

  • Eligibility: All full-time employees working 20+ hours/week, spouse (up to age 70) and children* (up to age 26)

  • Coverage provided by Cigna

  • No Health Questions- Every Year! (pre-existing condition will apply for new participants)

  • Keep your coverage even if you retire or change employers

  • You must elect coverage on yourself to cover a spouse or dependents

  • The chart below is a sample of covered services. Please see the Highlight Sheet for a more detailed listing of services in their entirety. 

  • *Child marital status does not impact benefit eligibility

Cigna Website Link: CLICK HERE

If you still have questions, contact Campus Benefits:

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